The project

An investment on the future

For several years, the Chamber of Commerce of Frosinone has been actively engaged in enhancing the area as one single large ensemble of diverse excellences.

And it does so by protecting their identity, discovering and rediscovering their enormous cultural heritage, safeguarding typical products, gastronomic traditions, handicrafts and ancient trades, and strengthening the bond that links food and flavours to their land of origin. Now, after enthusiastically adhering to the Dieta Mediterranea project diet promoted by the Chamber of Commerce of Matera, it is also doing this by retrieving, sharing and making current that oral memory – full of recipes, knowledge and actions – that would otherwise be lost. For this, the first video archive on traditional ciociara cuisine should not be interpreted as mere nostalgic evocation of the good times that once were, but as an investment in the future, an investment capable of transforming memory into opportunities.

Marcello Pigliacelli

President, Chamber of Commerce of Frosinone


A project than form

Training, orientation, updating, qualification, re-qualification, assistance, promotion, enhancement, development, study, research, territory and knowledge are the keywords that Innova (Special Agency of the Chamber of Commerce of Frosinone) has placed at the centre of its institutional mission since its establishment. These are the reasons that led it to engage directly in the creation of the first “Archive of the local excellence in the traditional cuisine of the province of Frosinone”. It is not just a collection of recipes, but an ambitious historical, cultural, social, anthropological and economic project which helps to enhance our unique intangible heritage, rescues cultures and knowledge from oblivion, enriches shared memory, and helps us to reflect on the transformation of the territory, to interpret its history more carefully and to preserve its identity. This is the Archive, a project that trains and informs.


Curzio Stirpe

President Innova, Special Agency of Chamber of Commerce of Frosinone