La Spezia

The project

Mediterranean Diet (from the Greek díaita) is much more than food: it is a lifestyle, a nutritional model unchanged over time and space. It promotes social interaction and is rooted in respect for both territory and biodiversity, thus ensuring conservation and development of traditional activities and crafts connected to fishing and agriculture within the Mediterranean communities.

This is the reason why La Spezia Chamber of Commerce was ready to participate in the promotion of the “Mediterranean Diet” chain promoted by Unioncamere and led by Matera Chamber of Commerce.

This project is very interesting as it pinpoints the creation of a promotional campaign to make typical local dishes and products well known. They will become sorts of territorial ambassadors on an international level – with positive repercussions on the tourist sector.

Such an enthusiasm over local typicalities allowed small and medium local enterprises to turn international. Foresight and commitment are necessary to sell beyond national borders, and courage is especially needed to face tough competition challenges. Anyhow, competition will produce sustainable and long-lasting advantages in case of victory.


Gianfranco Bianchi

President, Chamber of Commerce of La Spezia