The project

Describing the wealth of traditions, practices, know-how and recipes of any Italian region promises to be an ambitious and wide-ranging endeavour. If an even higher objective such as recovering, revitalizing and up-dating the past for a wider public appreciation is added to this, then it becomes even more of a challenge.


Adding one piece at a time to create a gradually exhaustive and large mosaic is the only way to manage such a complex historical survey.

This was the approach chosen by the Chamber of Commerce of Matera in 2009 to start up one of the main projects on this theme aiming at the valorisation of the “Mediterranean diet”, an asset that has recently been inscribed on the Unesco’s List of the Intangible Patrimony of World Heritage.


Identifying what is typical to the area, conducting research, training and promotion activities, those are the 4 main guidelines of a number of initiatives that will follow on from each other in time.


The first of these actions will focus on research, on the codification and retrieval of know-how. The “Memory archive of Italian cuisine” project will examine some of the secrets of traditional local cooking that are carefully safeguarded by the wisdom and practices of our grandmothers.

The activity initiated by Matera’s Chamber of Commerce, which started off so tentatively, has been embraced by several Chambers of Commerce that will contribute to the implementation of the project with the utmost care, sensitivity and pro-activity. Thanks to the Unioncamere the project has been able to widen its scope to become a source documenting a heritage to be safeguarded, responsibly revitalized and enthusiastically promoted.



Angelo Tortorelli

President, Chamber of Commerce of Matera