The project

I don’t know how many times I have said (committing the sin of poor originality) that the ability to “follow a system” is essential to restore competitiveness to the economy of our country. But experience teaches us how the testimony is worth more than a thousand words and that is why we have chosen to work together with many Chambers of Commerce on the idea of a shared development model able to enhance the Italian system. The objective is to keep customs, knowledge, recipes and workmanship of which every corner of Italy is thriving, alive over time. A synergy, able to network the artistic, cultural, historical, environmental and tourist heritage of several Italian villages, whilst at the same time enhancing the best products of the land, and the expert cookery which have made the Italian gastronomic traditions so highly regarded.

The “Archive of Memory and manners” therefore aims to preserve the inherent richness of the culinary tradition which is preserved, as conceived, refined and handed down, mainly by housewives‘ able hands from the past. A set of skills, knowledge, practices and traditions that bring to the table not only the authenticity of products rich in taste and unique flavours, but also the thrill of diving into a ritual handed down from generation to generation that changes a feast into a kind of pagan celebration.

For the Sabina economy, the project represents an important tool to enhance and promote food values reaffirming the territorial link of food. The first of these, the Amatriciana, that has gained worldwide fame beyond its borders through centuries.

Cooking for Italy is a model of excellence that many people imitate and replicate, and the protection and preservation of so much wealth is more than worth a special effort by the network of chamber of commerce, especially now that the “Mediterranean Diet” has joined the prestigious World Heritage List of Unesco intangible protected Cultural Heritage.


Vincenzo Regnini

President, Chamber of Commerce of Rieti