The project

Territory, culture, tradition, eno-gastronomy: a combination that in Sicily finds excellent expressions. This extraordinary combination of resources, in a land destined for tourism like Syracuse and its suburbs – from the mountains to the coast – it can become a real driving force of development to support the difficult path out of the crisis.

For some time now the CCIAA of Syracuse argues that it is necessary to bet on an integrated economical model, that identifies and promotes local resources valorizing them, that interact with tourism, hotels and other accommodations, catering, agricultural and agro-industrial, the confectionery craftsmanship and handicrafts, in a virtuous network where quality, territorial identity and attention to the traveler-visitor become winning competitive factors.

For these reasons the CCIAA of Syracuse has enthusiastically signed up for the Mediterranean Diet project, together with the other ten Chamber of Commerce partners with its leader from the CCIAA of Matera: the realization of an historical archive of local traditional cooking is an important initiative that embeds itself in a more complex plan for the enhancement and strengthening of the competitiveness of the territory and the local business structures.

This project in fact fully integrates with the overall plan of action of supporting the competitiveness that the CCIAA of Syracuse has been developing these past few years: by a help regime for technological innovations, to the development of broadband networks for the industrial areas, from the creation of specific guarantee funds for credit backings for the PMI, to the support for the creation and business start-up.

A final reflection should be given to the approach of this project, on a larger scale and not only locally, where those involved in the CCIAA network create a model of co-partnership that constitutes a best practice to replicate.

The crisis can also be beaten like this, creating active networks of relations between the institutions: create trust to create development.


Ivanhoe Lo Bello

President, Chamber of Commerce of Siracusa