The project

Chambers of Commerce aim at promoting the development of the local business network being aware that the support to the economy preserves and enhances typical peculiarities and the historical cultural natural heritage which are essential instruments to the territorial development.


The participation of Teramo in the project called “Mediterranean Diet” is deeply rooted in the features of its territory and gastronomy.

In fact Teramo has a unique province that includes mountain areas and foothills, protected areas of great natural significance, like the Gran Sasso Monti della Laga National Park, exatraordinary olive groves and vineyards (“homeland” of Montepulciano d’Abruzzo DOCG Colline Teramane) and the Middle Adriatic coastal areas.

So this orographic peculiarity leads from alps and woods to the golden beaches and harbours of fishing boats in a few kilometres.

By telling and codifying Teramo traditional dishes we can save their memory and prevent time and fashion from changing their true nature.


This work collected some accounts directly told by the keepers of ancient historical recipes who show the various stages of preparation of each dish and its ingredients.

Here is a veritable archive of memory which wants to promote local food leading the consumer to the choice among the healthiest typical dishes of the Mediterranean diet.

The multimedia support will be a useful instrument for territorial marketing in the international initiatives and events dedicated to Teramo gastronomy that the Chamber of Commerce of Teramo often organizes in Italy and abroad.



Giustino Di Carlantonio

President, Chamber of Commerce of Teramo