The project

The culinary tradition of any geographical area is rightly considered an integral part of its cultural, economic and social history in every respect.

Recognition of the Mediterranean Diet as intangible cultural heritage by Unesco does not just certify the highest quality of its ingredients. It also indirectly provides the chance to promote and protect Italy’s local gastronomic traditions, as they showcase the country’s regions at their finest.


One of the aims of the project entitled “La Promozione delle Eccellenze, dei Territori e della Dieta Mediterranea” (Promoting Excellence, Regions and the Mediterranean Diet) which the Terni Chamber of Commerce is organising in collaboration with nine other Chambers of Commerce is to promote traditional local ingredients connected to the Mediterranean Diet, in addition to making the specific nutritional and organoleptic characteristics of the Mediterranean Diet, which make it a perfect blend of taste and authenticity, more widely known both in Italy and abroad.


In order to achieve this aim it is necessary to start from the customs, tales and recipes of the key actors themselves, ordinary people who have brought down through the ages to us a historical memory of the region’s gastronomic culture, thereby creating a veritable “Archive of the Memory”.

The purpose of the archive is to provide a way of learning about Umbria through its traditions, its people and its extensive, complete culinary tradition, which features outstanding produce such as the truffles, olive oil, wine, cured meats, legumes and cheeses at the basis of simple recipes which reflect life in this area.


Enrico Cipiccia

President, Chamber of Commerce of Terni