The project

We deal with a great challenge: to retrieve the ancient knowledge of traditional cooking in order to communicate and promote it outside the regional and national borders. And it is precisely this that the Chamber of Commerce of Campobasso has proposed to do with the creation of the Archive of memory.

The province of Campobasso is a territory with special characteristics , a small chest of knowledge, tastes, smells , flavors , which have their roots in time, in a historical and cultural context in which the typical “ways of doing” of the work of craftsmen, the agro-pastoral traditions, the cooking coming from fruits of its territory have been handed down from generation to generation.

Recognize the cultural value of “ways of doing” of the traditional local cooking is the first step to recover and enhance the knowledge and the understanding of what “the local art of gastronomy” has produced during the years, codifying this knowledge in healthy and delicious recipes that are the cornerstones of the local food and wine heritage , which magically meet and satisfy the principles of the Mediterranean Diet.

But a good cooking needs careful hands that can work good ingredients.

And the territory of the province of Campobasso offers food products of excellent quality, the result of a tradition that has its roots far back in time, in the agro-pastoral civilization, in Samnites’times .

A tradition that even in the advancement of technology has always remained faithful to the principle of authenticity as a value and that still allows you to enjoy the fruits of these food products and to warn their origin from the land or from the sea in the taste, in the aromas , in the flavors.

Promote the production of the territories and their excellence means to give due recognition to those who realizes these products and the Chamber of Commerce of Campobasso, expression of all economic activity of the area, is the subject most appropriate to foster the Archive of memory beyond the local boundaries.


Amodio De Angelis

President, Chamber of Commerce of Campobasso